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Aqua Hydration is dedicated to the promotion of water for health and wellbeing. Our key message is `Re-think your Drink`as this challenges us all to embrace the benefits of water and reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and many other health related issues.

Our approach is to partner with organisations and entities to support the assessment and planning for the best hydration solution based on an in-house understanding of how people need to access water to maximise their performance and wellbeing.

We operate as a Licenced division of Aqua Synergy Group and since 1994 Aqua have been committed to being the best provider of water filtration, hydration and treatment solutions and services throughout New Zealand. This commitment has seen the company grow and establish a nationwide network of water specialists that own and operate their business within the local regions. This provides our Aqua Hydration Licencees a competitive advantage in the market as they know and understand the local water quality requirement and can match these with the best hydration products within various sectors, which means our customers receive the right solution,  first time.

Aqua Hydration as part of the Aqua Synergy Group, remain leaders in our industry by staying in continual contact with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers are provided with the latest technology and best quality products on the market today.

Whether one of our many options, Aqua Hydration offers options to satisfy every budget and fulfill every need.

"Rethink your drink! Choose water over sugary drinks and meet green initiatives by joining Aqua in the mission to "Refill not Landfil" and make the move to implement change for your team and workplace.


Aqua Hydration’s target market is essentially all commercial businesses and properties as they service the very people who already use our systems in their domestic situations. The only difference is the range of products we offer increases to cater for larger numbers of people potentially using them. The water cooler creates a unique environment whereby you don’t just get a fresh drink of pure water but where you have a moment with your colleagues discussing everything from what is happening at work, to your personal life or world affairs, or a must-see binge-worthy series on Netflix.

Is a Aqua Hydration Licence right for you?

Do you have the x-factor?

Is being passionate part of your DNA?

Do you love the thrill of building B2B relationships and meeting new people?

Our reputation and innovation are our biggest strengths and we pride ourselves on our continual focus of delivering practical, high-quality water hydration solutions. we pride ourselves on our 'can do' attitude and our ability to establish long-term relationships. So, if you are a like-minded motivated individual with a strong sales background, looking to join a dynamic organisation, and want to have your own business, selling, renting and servicing water coolers and water fountains to the commercial sector, then call us today!

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